At Green Valley, of course you will find a low-calorie menu of foods for all three meals, but even more importantly, a menu of delicious, gourmet cuisine made with fresh, locally grown, organic foods.

Organic for a Reason

The difference really is organic food. Studies have shown that a large part of the nutritional content of organic foods are lost within the first 48 hours after being harvested. More than half of the nutritional value of vegetables that are purchased in large city supermarkets is lost due to degradation during shipping.

Not so with the food you find at Green Valley! Our foods are prepared fresh, with vegetables and fruits that have been picked the same day. Food you find on your plate in our gourmet dishes were picked the same day they are served. A Green Valley guest gets the full amount of nutrition that food can provide.

Discover the difference that great food can create in your weight loss, book your program today!