Success Stories


Lost 41 lbs. in forty days

Before: 214 lbs.

"I hurt everywhere. My back hurts because my stomach is so big and I arch my back to balance myself. My knees hurt from the extra weight. My feet hurt from all the pressure on them, (I think I have flat feet now). I have very low energy and whenever I bend over I have to hold my breath until I stand up again. I have to sit down to put my socks on because I have no balance when I lift one foot off the ground. I have to lay down to zip up my pants."

After: 173 lbs.

"Some people have said I’m disappearing right before their eyes, I think that’s funny. I am feeling so good about myself for losing all the weight that I have. Monica, the nurse at the Spa, paid me the best compliment on my weight yesterday. She said that I am really looking good and that I have a figure. I’ve never had a figure and I’m thinking like curves, like my waist is smaller than my hips and I’m not straight up and down. That made me feel so good."


Lost 106 lbs.

Not only did Holly lose 106 pounds, but her husband and nephew were so impressed that they joined the weight loss program. Greg lost 50 pounds and Brekkan (age 16) lost 90 pounds.

Brekkan (16 years old)

Lost 90 lbs.

"This program has changed my life. I was one of those obese teenagers. My aunt referred me to Green Valley and I lost over 90 pounds. It has made a huge difference in my life"


Lost 41 lbs. in forty days

"I am amazed at the results I received by doing this weight loss program. My starting weight was 135 lbs. and my ending weight after the 26 day program 117 lbs. I loved this program because I never felt like I was ON A DIET.

Some of the great things I noticed while doing the diet was that my energy level became much higher and I did not feel like I was dragging at the end of each day. My cravings from chocolate and sugar have diminished. I suffer from chronic pain and inflammation and while on the program the shots helped to lessen the pain tremendously, and I could move my joints so much better.

The most exciting thing for me was that I HAVE NO "SADDLEBAGS" on my hips anymore, and the amount of inches lost all around was incredible compared to when I began the program. My husband kept telling me that the weight I wanted to lose was vanity weight. It may have been, but I DID IT!"