Weight Loss Program

Green Valley Spa has been helping people lose weight, get fit, and make healthy lifestyle choices for 22 years. Our professional team of instructors, therapists, physicians, chefs, and dietitians have made Green Valley one of the top destinations to lose weight.

Fast Track Weight Loss Protocol - Was $995, now $595 for the 23-day protocol!

Fast Track Weight Loss Program

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The Fast Track Weight Loss Program is for those who want to lose weight quickly and safely with the supervision of our medical, fitness, therapist, and culinary staff. This program has proven to be 100% effective in helping our guests lose more weight, more fat, and more inches FASTER than ANY program they have ever tried in the past. The average weight loss has been a POUND PER DAY and many have lost more. Never in our 22 year history have we seen a 100% success rate for this kind of fat and inches lost.

All of our participants were amazed at their skin tone and the changes to their figures in just three weeks. The problem area fat around the hips, thighs, buttocks, under the arms and chin - all melted away. Their figures were actually reshaped. Friends and family couldn’t believe the difference. Here is even more good news. This weight loss method actually resets your metabolism. Your body will have a greater ability to burn excess fat and you WILL NOT GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK. Not only can you lose weight, fat, and inches faster and easier than ever before, you can actually keep it off.

If you are interested in losing 25 pounds or more in just three weeks, call us today at 800-237-1068 to get started.

Compare Green Valley to popular Weight Loss Programs

Program Average Weight loss
Weight Watchers 6.6 lbs. in 1 year
Nutrisystem 1 - 2 lbs. per week
Jenny Craig 1 - 2 lbs. per week
Green Valley Spa Up to 1 lb. a day


The price for the Fast Track Weight Loss Program is $595 plus tax and resort fees when added to the cost of the Core Wellness or Luxury Adventure package. (a 7 day minimum stay is required for the Weight Loss Program)

The Program Includes:

  • Intake health assessment by medical personnel for the Fast Track Weight Loss Program
  • One 30 minute medical consultation / Weigh and Measure
  • Blood testing to screen for health issues
  • 3 personal counseling sessions
  • Daily monitoring of progress with Fast Weight Loss Program coordinator
  • Daily administration of hCG
  • Daily fitness classes and hikes
  • Cooking classes and diet guidance
  • Healthy shopping class

Minimum Stay

The minimum stay for guests wishing to join the weight loss program is 7 days. However, your results will be more dramatic if you can commit to a longer stay to allow daily monitoring and support of your progress.