Still losing after the program

It has now been about ten days since I finished the shots and I have been able to keep the weight off. In fact, I have continued to lose. I weigh 44 pounds less than I did at the start of the program. I still need to lose another 25 pounds at least.

I am consuming more calories now but I am still avoiding carbs and sugars as much as I can. I did eat some pizza last sunday and I drank a little Dr. Pepper so I was worried that I might have a gain but luckily, I didn’t. I know that eating bread and pasta and candy will not be helpful if I want to keep losing so I have to be diciplined. I usually don’t eat any breakfast but I am rteally looking forward to having an omelete or even some cold cereal.

I fell much better now that I have lost some weight. I sleep better and I still don’t need to use the acid reflux medicine. I have an appointment to see my heart doctor in July and he will be pleasantly surprised to see that I have finally taken his advice about losing some weight.

Day 44

I’m done. Yay! Yahoo!
But I really don’t feel like eating anything today. I’m so nervous about scouts my stomach is in knots.
I gained back my lost pound today and I’m sad about that too. My hair is falling out and I don’t know why. What else can go wrong.
At least I made myself go walking this morning. 3 1/2 miles. Ya!

I made the forty mark

My fortieth day was on Sunday the 12th and I have stayed on the 500 calorie diet since then. According to my scale at home, I have now lost over forty pounds since I started the program. I am scheduled to meet with Marium tomorrow and she will retake my measurements and check my endurance and body fat and I will get an official weigh-in on the scales at the spa. I hope that I can have the willpower to avoid eating the high carb foods that I know will cause me to gain weight back. I still have a goal to get down to 200 pounds or less so I still have a lot of work to do.

Day 43

Last Day of maintenance, Yay! I actually lost a pound today and that’s a good thing because I am going to eat a bowl of ice cream just as soon as I get paid, on Friday. It rained today, can you believe this weather we’re having? One day it’s hot and I’m getting a suntan and the next day it’s raining, weird.

Day 42

Didn’t leave any weight in Snow Canyon it all came home with me. Darn.sharon-on-hike I know the clothes don’t do me justice but I don’ have the money to spend on new ones yet.
1 more day and I can choose what I want to eat. Hopefully I will stay eating like I have been but ice cream sure sounds good right now.

Day 41

2 more days and I can have ice cream!

Terry and I put up the arbor in the backyard today.

backyard arbor

backyard arbor

I put the last of the stones down this morning and filled some containers with potting soil and planted some radishes and some herbs in them. I’m so excited to finally get something planted.
After lunch Terry took me on a long strenuous hike in Snow Canyon and he wanted to do it again tomorrow morning but I got called into work. Gee I’m sorry Terry that I can’t go. Maybe when I get home. It will be fun to see if I left any weight in Snow Canyon. I fixed some halibut for lunch but I think it was freezer burned, it didn’t taste good at all. I had strawberries for dessert and am going to bed early.

38 pounds in 40 days

I didn’t make my goal of forty pounds lost within forty days but I came very close. Sunday was the 40th day of shots and when I weighed this morning, I weighed in at 233.8 which means that I have lost 38 pounds since I started the program. I am a little disappointed because I had expected to be able to continue to lose at the same rate that I did in the first couple of weeks. I am still very pleased with what I have done and I feel much better than I did at the start. I plan to continue with the 500 calorie diet for a few more days and I am committed to keep losing more pounds and inches after the HCG is out of my system. I still need to lose at least 34 more pounds.

Easter was a challenge with all the treats and goodies that everyone else was eating. I did eat one half of a deviled egg and it was fantastic. I am proud to say that I did not cheat on the diet for the entire first 39 days so I feel that I deserved to have just a small reward. I will be meeting with Marium in a couple of days so that she can retake my measurements and measure my body fat level and  test my flexibility and my stamina. I have lost a lot of inches and I need to get some new clothes but I think I will hold off for a while as a motivation to keep losing.

I visited with my sister Loretta last Thursday and she still looks great! She has been able to maintain at the weight that she achieved and she obviously feels good both physically and emotionally. My Brother David started the program last week and I will be rooting for him to be successful.

Day 40

So happy Easter to all. We had 4 baby chicks hatch today. Just in time for Easter but not soon enough to let Sarah give them to the kids in their baskets. I didn’t walk today, I just didn’t feel like it. Work was supposed to go fast but it ended up being busy again. I had to leave early because of overtime and double pay but that’s ok, I was tired anyway. I’m still at the same weight and have 3 more days of maintenance. I had broccoli for dinner again tonight. My hands are starting to swell up again, I think I need to drink more water.

Day 39

Finally a great day at work. Everything went smooth, just as planned. We even got ahead today. I lost 1 pound and that even added to the excitement. Everyone got along and that relieved a lot of my stress. Hopefully my hair will quit falling out now. 4 more days of maintenance. I had a chicken breast for lunch and an apple for a snack and we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and I got the steamed broccoli, a chicken breast and a garden salad with no dressing.

Day 38

10 minutes short of a 12 hour work day. BUT, I got to eat lunch today. Spinach and strawberries. When I got home, after 8, I was so hungry that I ignored my no eating after 7 pm rule and fixed some beef and broccoli for dinner. Now it’s bedtime.

Last night I went to bed just after 10 pm. I laid on my right side and when I woke up this morning at 4:30 am I was still on my right side. D’ya think I was tired? When I stood up the room started spinning real bad, I could hardly stand so I laid back down till the dizziness went away and I got up again but it was still there. I forced myself to walk down to the kitchen and get a drink of water. My body kept wanting to go to the right. It was like when I was little and my dad would spin me around and then laugh because I couldn’t walk straight. I weighed myself (175#) and changed into my running clothes but decided that I had better walk this morning instead. It was hard walking in a straight line but I made the 3 mile circuit in about 35 minutes. I started feeling better by the time I left for work and it didn’t bother me any more today. We’ll see what happens in the morning.

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