Wisdom Of The Ancients

Medicine today, whether holistic or conventional, has a rich heritage from the world’s civilizations and cultures. These innovative sessions include age-old cultural healing techniques and tribal concepts with a modern approach – Shamanist Vision Journey, Tibetan Sound Concert with ancient bowls, chimes, pipes, chanting and dancing, a Mind Map Process, using color as a guide to unveil individual pathways for heightened performance levels, Spiritual Journey through the symbolic Labyrinth, Oriental Movement and Breathing Techniques to heighten “chi” (life-healing energy), the sense of smell and taming our instincts, and Awakening Inner Wisdom.

Light Works - $120 for 50 min.

This rare treatment utilizes the pioneering techniques of Marcel Vogel, computer pioneer, to transmit crystal energy to the body in an exquisite rainbow of light pulsing from the crown to base. The purpose is to open and revitalize the chakra system, while stimulating the flow of quantum energy throughout physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Mind Map - $120 for 50 min.

Annalee Allred, Treatment Center Director and acclaimed expert in light and its many colors, brings thirty years of research, experience, and a highly-sensitive visual perception (like a digital read-out) to this simple but remarkable developmental process.

Clears inner and outer energy fields, dispersing chaotic imprints left behind by unrecognized fears and self-doubt – feelings that prevent full expression of our highest potential – activates the innate pathways (both electric and chemical) our energy follows to recognize feelings, process thought and access unique abilities, talents, and higher purpose. Afterwards, a personal rainbow of color is prepared to take away and study – to elevate our performance level and access our dearest dreams.

We all have an energetic signature – a unique frequency pattern – recognizable in the harmonic overtones of our voice and natural scent, as distinct as our fingerprints – easily discernible by those whose senses are attuned to the transmission of subtle energies. This imprint is encoded and radiates out from every cell, forming a series of chemical and electrical pathways through which our life-giving energy follows (like a relay system), instigating our unique sequence of thoughts, feelings and basic motor functions. We could call this our native blueprint – our original inner architecture.

Inhale and Heal - $120 for 50 min.

Lara Wright – famous for her “nose” and highly accurate sense of smell, applied psychologist, intuitive, and founder of the Good Medicine organic products and laboratory

The 2004 Nobel Prize was awarded to two scientists, Axel and Buck, for recent research into the importance of the olfactory system and the sense of smell – their findings show that more of our human genetic structure is attributed to smell than any other sense except for the immune system. As we breathe in, negative and positive molecules in the air discharge certain olfactory receptors in the nose, firing electrical impulses through the limbic system – the seat of our emotions. This therapy works through the olfactory system to recharge and stimulate places where receptor patterns may be blocked or disengaged.

Everyone has an inherent frequency pattern, like a harmonic cord – which is discernible, not only to animals, but to those humans with a developed sense of smell. Lara uses her extraordinary gift of smell to detect her client’s unique pattern and the places where it may be disengaged. She then combines rare essential oils into an aroma to capture the original essence for each person to take home. Recharges and stimulates receptor patterns to clarify emotional upset and mental confusion, making way for new insight and loving relationships. Bring any questions you may have to this session.

Sacred Sound $120 for 50 min.

Donell DeMarquessa’s experience in the healing arts spans at least two decades. She has explored and initiated many modalities of sound and its resonant effect for physical healing and spiritual development, as well as tribal rituals and cultural methods, including advanced bodywork, movement, and voice – often used together.

This is a concert of ancient instruments dating back many hundreds of years. Hand-forged Tibetan metal bowls, ganta bells, chimes, and gongs create magnificent harmonics that align and shift the complex neural systems. The penetrating waves move over, around, and through the body, sending strong vibrations that purify and detoxify physical and emotional states, assist in reducing pain, slow down brain waves and may bring profound spiritual awareness.

Shamanic Vision Journey - $120 for 50 min.

Gwen Moon, Shamanic therapist and beloved Native American teacher of ancient beliefs, has inspired our guests for over twenty=five years. Clients world-wide, travel here especially to experience her work. Her Therapies carry the inspiration and wisdom gleaned from decades of participation in Native ceremonies; she serves through the blessings of revered elders and spiritual leaders of many tribes.

You are invited on a magical journey to contact your personal animal guides. Gwen, uses repetitious beat and cadence of native drumming and sweet-smelling grasses to lead the ordinary mind into a dreamlike state of tranquility where the inner world can be felt and listened to – where hidden, latent knowledge is held and experience processed – where visions appear and gifts, high values, and possibilities are revealed. Afterwards, she explores your insights with a traditional understanding of animal symbols – a powerful practice for evolvement of the conscious state. A rare experience.

Shaman Medicine Card Reading - $115 for 50 min.

Utilizes the sixth sense for uncommon insight into the panorama of your life as it unfolds before you. Bring any questions you may have to this session.

Spiral Breathing - $125 for 50 min.

Janice Brooks, meditation facilitator and inspirational contemporary shaman, was born with the natural gift of intuition. Her background in the field of human and cognitive development was the launching pad for working with hundreds of children and adults. She has studied, experienced and applied both the scientific and spiritual practices of breathwork for the last 20 years.

These techniques, developed by Janice Brooks, are powerful tools for transformation, healing, happiness and reconnection to the true essence of who you are. For thousands of years, mystical traditions of the world have used breathing techniques. When you learn and actively practice conscious breathing, you sleep better, increase your metabolism and immune system, and are less prone to anxiety or panic attacks. She leads her clients through breathing exercises (different five step sensory-integrated patterns during the powerful session. A spherical connected, breathing rhythm will increase brain-body connection, enhance creative expression, finely tune and heighten states of aliveness.

Rainbow Writing - $125 for 50 min.

Janice Brook’s back ground in scientifically – based developmental training and spiritually-oriented teachings taps into the rich reservoir of human potential. She uses the age-old practice of symbolic imagery, storytelling and writing as soul-messengers to guide you into a sacred soul-space for personal exploration and creative renewal.

A Sense of Calling - $125 for 50 min.

Janice uses a full range of transformational somatic learning experiences; poetry, music, movement, reading and writing, and storytelling – as soul-messengers, to facilitate your journey into your sacred soul-calling space for creative explorations. She will help you tune-in, listen, and harmonize messages and impulses inside your conscious and sub-conscious mind, nurture your creativity, elevate your sense of purpose, and strengthen your intuition.